Point of Sale Supported Industries

Suitable for all types of dine-in, Chinese food, Sushi, Hibachi, Ramen, American food, Mexican food etc, BBQ and Grill, and Buffet restaurants, etc. All hardware are commercial level POS hardware.

Suitable for quick service, drive through, and delivery restaurants. Our handy feature highlights include, Quick Tab and Split Pay, Auto Pop Pager Number, and Self-Order Kiosk, etc.

Suitable for Boba (Bubble) Tea, Dessert, Ice Cream stores, and Cafes, etc. Our customizable modifier gives you freedom of adding toppings, flavors, and so many more, with simplified order process. Quick Size Selections, Quick Modifications, Quick Combo Options, Personalized Menu Layout, Simplified Checkout Process, and more!

Suitable for retail, wholesale, clothing store, convenience store, and grocery, etc. Our Smart Order Entry user-friendly interface, Quick Scan bar code, Simple or Complex Inventory Management, and Integrated Food Ordering Module, etc, will make your daily business operation much easier!