Fine Dine-in POS

-Supermenu POS-

Features - Smart Table Management

For fine dine-in/table service restaurants, our Smart Table Management provides you with full functions:

  • Multiple Floor Maps
  • Waiter clock in and Log into tables
  • On-Click Table Status
  • Switch Table
  • Merge Table
  • Change Waiter
  • Assign Table Seats
  • Dynamic Table Layout
  • Table Alert - Different Table Status in Different Colors
  • etc.

Features – Split Checks and Payments

  • Easy and Fast Split Checks by item or amount
  • Easy Split Payments
  • Automatic Tips for big Parties

Features – Employee Management

  • Employee Setup
  • Setup Employee Permissions
  • Labor Scheduling
  • Employee Clock In/Clock Out
  • Waiter/Driver/Staff Money Drop
  • Tips Management

Features – Reporting

  • Supermenu POS provides all types of reports
  • Using Archived Report enables you to have access to much older data generate all types of reports for you without making your system run slow
  • Email or Text Message Daily Reports to Boss/Admin
  • Email or Text Message Employee Discount and Delete Alert as you wish

Features – Inventory

  • Simple Inventory
  • The Simple Inventory Module for restaurants who just want to track the basic and simple inventory for items that can be sold as retail items such as pre-packaged drinks, desserts, chips, etc. Most of these items have bar codes and can be sold as a whole without being made from recipes.
  • Complex Inventory
  • The Complex Inventory Module is used when you want to track the ingredient usage of menu items.

Hardware – Recommendations

We will provide you with the hardware options based on your budget.

  • All-in-One Computer – commercial level POS All-in-one terminals which has less cables, higher hardware quality and saves space.
  • Or PC plus Touch Screen.
  • Cash Drawer.
  • Receipt Printers.
  • Kitchen Printers or Kitchen Monitors.
  • Our Fine Dine-in/Table Service Restaurants clients are using 2-8 terminals.