Payment Processing

Main Features

No Hidden Fees

No non-qualified fees on top of the standard pricing. No interchange differential fees. No minimum monthly fee. No setup or application fees. No leasing fees. Bstrong Technology is different; We respect you and your business.

EMV Chip Ready

As debit and credit cards continue to transit to the embedded microchip (EMV), our terminals are equipped to process the new encryption, making every sale more secure. You will never have to worry about disputes or charge backs.

Safe and Secure

Maximize your protection and reduce your risks for liability with our Payment Processing solutions. Our card processing is PCI compliant and built to safely accept all payment types.

Customer Support

Your payment terminals come fully-equipped with peace of mind. Get support, answers and advice 7 days a week from online experts, over the phone and on-site support. We are only a phone call way and always at your service!

Payment Solutions For All Types Of Business

Restaurants & Retailers

Wired & Wireless Terminals High-Level Encryption

Shopping Cart

A quick & straightforward shopping cart Payments on your website or computer

Various Machine Options

Meet all of your business need Payment process is seamless, fast & easy