Retail POS

-Supermenu POS-

Features – Smart Order Entry

  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Quick Scan/Enter Bar Code

Features – Inventory Management

  • Simple Inventory
  • The Simple Inventory Module for retail/wholesale/clothing store/convenience store/grocery who just want to track the basic and simple inventory for items.
  • Complex Inventory
  • The Complex Inventory Module is used when you want to track the ingredient usage.
  • Inventory setup is straight forward and efficient. Hassle-Free!

Features – Integrate Kiosk/Food Ordering Module

For convenient store that sells food, for example sandwiches, you don’t need to worry about handling two databases and two sets of inventories:

  • Self-Order station/Kiosk will send food orders to your kitchen or food process center.
  • When the customer is ready to checkout, you will be able to pull up the order easily and quickly and check out the customer with our seamlessly integrated Retail Module and Food Ordering Module.

Features – Reporting

  • Supermenu POS provide all types of reports
  • Using Archived Report enables you to have access much older data generate all types of reports for you without making your system run slow
  • Email or Text Message Daily Reports to Boss/Admin
  • Email or Text Message Employee Discount and Delete Alert as you wish

Hardware – Recommendations

We will provide you with the hardware options based on your budget.

  • All-in-One Computer – commercial level POS All-in-one terminals which has less cables, higher hardware quality and saves space.
  • Or PC plus Touch Screen.
  • Cash Drawer.
  • Receipt Printers.